Green Curry!

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No, we’re not talking Thai food. We’re talking environmentally friendly spices. In particular, coriander seeds, cumin and turmeric. These three curry house favourites are topping the list of greenhouse gas reducers.

Research carried out at Newcastle University shows that feeding them to sheep reduces the levels of methane released significantly. Coriander seeds were the winner (reducing methane production by 40%), with turmeric a close second (30% drop) and cumin coming in third (22%).

“What? How?” We hear you cry. It’s all thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of these three spices. They kill off the bad bacteria in the gut while letting the good bacteria (you know, the ones those TV ads promise – but, in our opinion, fail – to love) live. Less naughty bacteria = less gas.

It’s great news for the environment. Great news for our noses. And the perfect excuse to whip up an aloo gobi! Sometimes following the flock is no bad thing. Baaa.

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Seasonal Seducer: Rhubarb

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Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. Oh, and the Chinese think it can help to cure gastric cancer.

We’ve got nothing against apples and pears, but after months of them being the only fruit in season, we always get a bit excited when rhubarb time comes around again. The fact that it’s really a vegetable doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm one bit. But, whilst change is always good, that’s not the only reason we love rhubarb. Taking a leaf out of the Chinese book (they’ve been using it for centuries in their herbal medicine), we love that it can sooth our allergies and reduce our inflammation too.