Mine’s a story forged in fashion, a hippy mother who taught me healthy food can be dude food… and India. Spurred by the fashionista daily drool over my Bramble Bircher, I cut my designer denim ties for Chicken & chorizo gumbo.

Root, Wholesome Seduction

Exhaustive trips to competitive brands, London eateries and markets later, including all website photos taken on a friend’s brick mobile, and wholesomely seductive caff, Root is born.

Two fantastic years, blood, sweat and tears and zero social life later, and Root is put on ice. I discover chic India, yoga joy and social media. And in a sticky, 38°C, beach shack, the idea for this blog is born.

Clare Garcia #yesthisiswork

Back in London, I revel in the headspace of a salary, consulting for high-end retail brands, independent cafes, yoga pop-ups and an in-house role at Gather & Gather: Creative Director. Concept Developer. Eater.

I still find time for India and yoga. And while my life’s not quite one long, glutinous yoga retreat, I’m blessed with a day job which actually requires me to gather wholesomely seductive eats and design treasures to share with you here. #luckygirl