Peanut butter & banana breakfast shake

The last of my super shakes series and hands down the simplest; I made today’s in less than 2 minutes. You have to admit that beats toast or cereal for speed – you can eat it on-the-go too! I developed this one for Paul Winch-Furness, arguably London’s favourite food photographer (he has a fairly exhaustive high profile portfolio: Meat Liquor, Nobu, Bistroteque, Pitt Cue Co., Ceviche…). I actually promised a couple of other wheat free recipes to Paul (I bore hime with new ideas daily. #oops) but given his confession to having a sweet tooth and being partial to peanut butter, I felt compelled to throw this one in too.

Feeds 1


200ml almond milk (or rice or cow’s milk) – I like Rude Health
150ml cold water
1 banana, frozen chunks if possible
1 heaped dsp peanut butter (or almond butter)
2 tbsp oats
1 tbsp whey protein powder – optional


Blitz all ingredients together and drink. It’s that easy.

I use a stick blender and measuring jug, adding the ingredients in the order listed above for minimal fuss and washing up.

The whey’s optional, but a great low calorie filler. I nearly vom’d my shake up during headstand, not realising quite how filling whey was pre yoga class recipe testing. #oink

To be clear: this isn’t one of Paul’s masterpieces, just another iPhone snap I’m afraid.