Coconut iced coffee

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Apparently The Garcia’s can’t have a conversation without the subject of coffee making an appearance. Bad coffee being the cause of untold dismay, it seems. Iced coffee, however, can redeem many an ‘operator error’, tasting as robust and sweetly creamy as any passionately barista’d flat white. I’ve given measures for one glass but tend to make a batch for the fridge, topping up with coconut milk and ice for my morning wake up addiction. On a recent Indian holiday, I ‘encouraged’ friends at Old Harbour Hotel and Kashi Art Cafe to do the same; Kerala means Land of Coconuts after all. And a new menu fixture was born.


Feeds 1


1-2 shots espresso, depending how strong you like your coffee
1 tsp raw honey – optional
1 cup coconut milk – you can also sub 1/3 for coconut water. Drop the honey if doing this.


Make espresso and stir through honey until dissolved – otherwise it will sink to the bottom of your glass.

Drop in a few cubes of ice and shake or stir until coffee is cooled. Transfer to a glass, top with coconut milk and a couple more cubes of ice.


Rebel Kitchen have recently launched a take-away version that tastes almost identical, if a little sweeter. Perfect for a dairy and refined sugar-free caffeine kick on the go. I’ve done the chocolate mylk taste test with several friends and none can believe how good it tastes.

After a lifetime of a market saturated with nasty, additive and sugar laden Food-To-Go, it makes me very happy to see entrepreneurial guys like these popping up. Thank you Rebel Kitchen.


Fort Cochin: Chic, tropical India & chai

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Unable to withstand yet another day of bone chilling, sludgy (Spring!) London snow, I’ve fled to my Indian home: Fort Cochin in Kerala. Via a quick eating fest in Bombay. Here’s a snapshot to tide you over until full disclosure when I’m back on UK soil.

Fort Cochin, Kerala, India. Wholesome Seduction.


Bombay: Taj Palace & Tower hotel; Cafe Mondigar; Paan.

Bombay. Taj Palace & Cafe Mondigar.

Paan. Bombay, India.


Fort Cochin, Kerala: Art cafes, Indian Biennale, boutique hotels, street food and my Indian family.

Kashi Art Cafe. Fort Cochin, India.

Vineetha & Kashi.

Street Art: India's first Biennale

Chai & Gujarati sweets

Relaxation. Fort Cochin, India.

Old Harbour Hotel, Cochin. India. Wholesome Seduction.

Masala Dosa & Gujarati sweets

My Indian Family: Vineetha & Emily.

Vineetha and Emily: My Cochin family. And my Keralan cooking gurus. I promise to share…