Roast banana, bacon, maple syrup & sweet corn fritters

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Not exactly a recipe, more of a sharing of love, and another way to use my September sweet corn fritter recipe. Sunday brunch comfort, borderline excess, and food Jenga. I’m relying on you having a modicum of kitchen nouse, it really is very easy.

roast banana & fritters Wholesome Seduction

Set bacon to grill – you can also omit the meat, there’s plenty going on without it. Meanwhile roast bananas as per the instructions in the Recipes page and set aside in warm oven. While the fritters are frying, mix creme fraiche or yoghurt with a drop of vanilla extract and maybe some maple syrup, depending on the sweetness of your tooth.

Then layer: fritter, bacon, maple syrup, creme fraiche, banana. I used 3 fritters. Because I’m a glutton. And it looked impressive. 2 is plenty.

Bramble Bircher

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Make the most of the last of our brambles and Scottish raspberries before we hit the winter months of nothing but apples and pears.

We’re particularly attached to the contrast of flavours and textures in this dish: tart berry and grated apple against crunchy seeds and creamy yoghurt.

The slow release energy helps us feel fuller for longer and the fact it’s made almost entirely from Superfoods, keeps us coming back for more.


2 apples, grated
8 tbsp oats
5 tbsp natural bio yoghurt
1/2 dsp agave or 1 of honey, or to taste
4 tbsp apple juice
2 tbsp toasted seeds from The Larder
5 tbsp brambles / blackberries (or frozen raspberries)


  1. In a bowl, mix all ingredients in the order listed above. You may want to up the honey or agave, we can tend to under sugar.
  2. Gently fold through the brambles, taking care not to mash – we’re aiming for raspberry ripple as opposed to lilac blamange.
  3. Transfer to a serving dish or individual bowls and enjoy.
  4. Best eaten within a couple of days.

If making in advance, frozen berries are almost better than fresh as they hold their shape when added and melt into the mix by the time you scoop it out in the morning.