Bacalao ceviche (Punheta de bacalhau)

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In honour of this weekend’s Lisbon trip, I thought it fitting to share a Portuguese salt cod ceviche classic. I claim no credit, this one comes direct from a local, my Lisboa love. Or more specifically, his mother; it’s the real deal. Super easy, tasty and healthy, it’s a busy food lover’s dream. And yes, it also ticks the paleo, clean eating, fit-fooder boxes. Thank you Portugal.

Easy Portuguese bacalao ceviche

Feeds: 4


6 tbsp bacalao (salt cod), tuna or normal cod.
2 tomatoes
1 white medium – large onion, depending on your preference
1 green pepper or half red, half green (red adds a sweeter flavour)
1/2 cucumber
2 cloves of garlic
4 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp cider vinegar
Good grind black pepper


Rinse bacalao in cold water, squeezing out with your hands (really) at the end. If using normal cod, simply chop and add salt at the end.

Chop all veg finely into 1-2 cm pieces and mix with bacalhau, oil, vinegar and pepper. Add in salt at this point if using cod as opposed to bacalhau.

You can eat right away but the flavours are best when left to develop for 15 – 20 mins or even overnight; perfect tupperware or advance prep supper fodder!

Delicious with a crusty white sourdough to dip into the juice.

The cooks, Wholesome Seduction

FYI: The literal (and more polite) translation for Punheta de bacalhau is ‘Tossed’ (ahem) salt cod. I kid you not.


Peanut butter & banana breakfast shake

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The last of my super shakes series and hands down the simplest; I made today’s in less than 2 minutes. You have to admit that beats toast or cereal for speed – you can eat it on-the-go too! I developed this one for Paul Winch-Furness, arguably London’s favourite food photographer (he has a fairly exhaustive high profile portfolio: Meat Liquor, Nobu, Bistroteque, Pitt Cue Co., Ceviche…). I actually promised a couple of other wheat free recipes to Paul (I bore hime with new ideas daily. #oops) but given his confession to having a sweet tooth and being partial to peanut butter, I felt compelled to throw this one in too.

Feeds 1


200ml almond milk (or rice or cow’s milk) – I like Rude Health
150ml cold water
1 banana, frozen chunks if possible
1 heaped dsp peanut butter (or almond butter)
2 tbsp oats
1 tbsp whey protein powder – optional


Blitz all ingredients together and drink. It’s that easy.

I use a stick blender and measuring jug, adding the ingredients in the order listed above for minimal fuss and washing up.

The whey’s optional, but a great low calorie filler. I nearly vom’d my shake up during headstand, not realising quite how filling whey was pre yoga class recipe testing. #oink

To be clear: this isn’t one of Paul’s masterpieces, just another iPhone snap I’m afraid.

Gather & Gather Tom’s tasting masterpiece

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There are days when I thank the employment Gods for blessing me with a vocation that surrounds me with food, cooking and creativity. This was one of those days. I had the chore of eating my way through ten courses of culinary glee from colleague Tom Gore, Exec Chef at The Brewery. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Barrettia w. basil and dried olive & Strawberry granitta w. smoked milk ice cream


Tom Gore at The Brewery, London.


Oxtail, bone marrow mash & black pudding. Scallop ceviche, yuzu & flowers.

Oxtail, bone marrow mash & black pudding. With bone marrow on the side for extra measure. And scallop ceviche, yuzu & flowers. Were it not for my witnessing colleagues, I may well have licked the plates.



Military Precision Prep. The Brewery, London

Tom Gore

Chinese Scented Duck

Military precision prep. Tom leads; team follows. The guys do this for a mind boggling 800 covers.


Pudding prep

Steve's pineapple upside down cake

Pudding number two: Pineapple upside down cake. Courtesy of Head chef, Steve Connell. #yesthisiswork


Bibendum Wine Pairings

Did I mention there was booze? Tom & Team catered for over 1000 hospitality and events delegates at a Bibendum wine tasting event (also hosted at The Brewery) pre our humble supper. The lovely people from Bibendum kindly supplied us with wine to be paired with each of our ten dishes.

A tough day at the office. Hiccup.