The jam co-operative

I had an early induction on street food. Pioneering in nutrition, my mum would pitch up in a salubrious Black Isle (a peninsula on the Scottish Highlands) square every Saturday to sell home grown fruit and veg. Decent varieties of which were harder to come by without the use of the Inverness ferry (and a very long queue) in the, ahem, 1970s.

Netherton Farm Jam & marmalade

Not limited just to veggies, I’d help mum sell our home-made jams, chutneys, marmalades and spun wool (I kid you not) from the neighbour’s burger van. The rest of the week Pat would use said vehicle to supply highlanders with gourmet venison burgers; you see, we Scots don’t just eat deep fried Mars bars!

In those days street food was somewhat less en vogue; one well-heeled village resident promptly enlisted the local bobby to deal with the mobile people. I can only imagine the shame at Granny Mac’s charity lunches; wasn’t procreating with a Spanish drummer rogue enough? Mindful of his duties, our diligent PC promptly marched over to Mrs Garcia-Macintyre and with a broad Scottish accent, and a hint of a chuckle, demanded a passion fruit.

One area where Rebel Garcia and Matriarch Macintyre et al saw eye to eye though, was on the caliber of preserves we purveyed. With the help of a 1929 MAFF guide, mum’s marmalade at least, has never been cause for debate.

The Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food, HMSO Bulletin 21: Home Preservation of Fruit & Vegetables.

Ministry of Agriculture, Farming & Fisheries Guide

Mother Garcia’s cherished (and sous chef crayoned) 1970’s copy talked her through jamming, canning and bottling in preparation for the winter months; and a Wholesome Seduction child is born.

Mrs Garcia now serves her wares, along with Netherton Farm eggs (more free-range than I feel is entirely necessary) with Wild boar cross Tamworth sausages and bacon at B&B Netherton Farm.

Netherton Farm Eggs & Wild Boar Sausage

My Home-made soda & tahini bread, Wild boar cross Tamworth sausages, Netherton Farm eggs and Mum’s chutney.

It’s getting a little late in the day but you should still be able to get your hands on Seville oranges for MAFF Marmalade next week.