Why Wholesome Seduction?

It’s now generally accepted that food is more than our fuel. What we eat affects our mood, energy, physical wellbeing and mental focus. It can also be one of our greatest pleasures, stimulating our senses and connecting us as human beings. So, can it do both? Make us feel and look our best, and bring us joy in the eating? I certainly believe so.

By taking inspiration from abroad and through intelligent, innovative cooking, food can taste as good as it makes us look and feel. Be it vegan, plant based, paleo, or containing cow!

I’d even go a step further. Wholesome Seduction is a lifestyle choice of abundance rather than denial. What we eat, how we live, move our bodies, socialise, travel, are stimulated, grow as human beings; the environments we surround ourselves in, all impact our mental and physical wellbeing.

In this blog I share the things I do to keep healthy: super easy recipes, yoga and travel diaries (for ‘when this is all over…’). And because carefully considered environments are proven to positively impact our mental health, some (hopefully inspirational) design projects from my day job. I hope you find even a handful of things of use, particularly during our current lockdown lives.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.

Clare Garcia #yesthisiswork


I was raised on wholesomely seductive food so it was evident to me that what I ate affected how I looked and felt.

In 2005, continually frustrated by the ubiquitous sandwich shop offering and the mentality that healthy = flavour free, I founded Root in central London. Bringing wonderfully tasty, seasonal, fresh food, mindful of varied dietary requirements to London’s streets.

At the time, fast food concepts were functional in design and largely unhealthy and almost certainly devoid of allergy friendly options. Root’s design focused space and it’s Wholesome Seduction menu and strap line, were revolutionary.

In 2008 I closed Root to pursue other interests. Yoga and South India (priorities). Then combining my passions for food and design as creative director within restaurants and hotels.

Relentless in my Wholesome Seduction crusade that healthy food can taste as good as it makes us feel, I started this blog in 2011.