From the streets: Village Bakery 100% rye bread

Or more specifically, from Waitrose. In light of my recent The best thing since sliced bread article and Spelt & tahini soda bread recipe, here’s a good value, off the shelf option which is hard to beat.

Village Bakery Rye Bread

I’ve sampled innumerable rye breads over the past 15 plus years, finding all but a few either too chewy, dense or Pumpernickelesque. This one on the other hand, is a clear winner in terms of flavour, health and value. Lighter in texture, colour and taste, it’s perfect toasted with scrambled eggs, butter and Mum’s Seville orange marmalade, or smoked salmon. And it’s yeast free! All for under two quid. Thank you Village Bakery.

Gails Artisan Bakery also do an excellent 100% rye that many of my wheat loving friends ask for when they come to stay.